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Dyofix Products are formulated for use in the smallest garden pond to the largest of lakes. Manufactured using the highest quality colours rigorously tested to European Food Additive Standards.

Coloured Water filters light, disrupting the process of photosynthesis resulting in submerged weeds and algae being unable to grow.

  • Can be used to create a stunning,
    reflective surface for ornamental ponds
  • Simple application method
  • Used wherever weed and algae is a
  • Used by award winning Landscape
    Gardeners, Commercial Fishing Lakes,
    Golf Clubs and Local Authorities
  • Supplied in a variety of colour and
  • Completely free of pesticides, algaecides
    and other harmful chemicals
  • Harmless to plants, Fish, Wildlife, Insects
    and Pets
  • Available in both Liquid and Powder
  • Economical to use
  • Long Lasting
  • Prevents weed and algae from blocking
  • Can be used all year round
  • Featured in the BBC Program ‘A Year in Kew’
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All plants, surface or submerged, use the process of photosynthesis to thrive and grow, the whole process relies on red light to drive it. By blocking some or all of the red light by using the water column as a filter, the process of photosynthesis is interrupted with the result of little or no further growth.

Daylight, or white light is made up of a series of colours, collectively referred to as a spectrum. If a beam of white light is passed through a glass prisim, the white light splits onto seven visible colours with red shades at one end through to blues and violets at the other.

When a light source, such as a torch with a clear bulb is switched on, the observer would describe this as white light. If a blue filter is placed over the beam, the observer would see the the light as blue, it is important to realise that the other colours are being blocked by the filter, blue coloured water acts in the same way.

Water treated with DyoFix will only have a faint hint of colour.


Firstly, determine the approximate amount of water in your pond or lake (see below on how to calculate it).  This determines the product (and the amount required) most suited to your needs.

Then it is a choice of the colour shade.  The first thing to note is that the resulting colour of the water will be very pale after DyoFix has been applied, but a close inspection or comparison to tap water will reveal its presence.  Anyone wanting to disguise the fact that water has been treated will choose Shadow.

500ml Dyofix Blue Pond – Liquid
Treats up to 50,000lt

500ml Dyofix Shadow Pond – Liquid
Treats up to 50,000lt.  
A much higher dosage will create the ultimate reflecting pond.

100gm Dyofix Blue – Powder
Treats up to 1,000,000 litres
Supplied in a water soluble sachet.

100gm Dyofix Shadow – Powder
Treats up to 400,000 litres
Supplied in a water soluble sachet.

Industrial Packs
100gm water soluble sachets supplied in an economical bulk packaging.


To calculate the volume of water in a pond, multiply the length, width and depth (using metres) by 1000 i.e. (L x W x D x 1000) the resulting figure is the total number of litres. Divide the result by the number of litres treated in the table below. If the volume of water is less than the number of litres treated, any unused product can be saved for futre use. To compensate for dilution by rainfall and light fading, we recommend, as a guide, a regular monthly top up of 10 to 15% of the initial dose.

Instructions for use

After calculating the amount required, introduce DyoFix Lake & Pond Colours into different parts of the lake or pond to help speed up the dispersion.


Protect from frost.
DyoFix is a cocentrated dye and may stain skin and clothing.
Always wear gloves when handling.

Health and Safety

0ccupational hygiene – Avoid ingestion, inhalation, skin and eye contact. Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene practice and any requirements.

Storage facilities – Store in a cool dry area with adequate ventilation.

Segregation -No special precautions.

Storage conditions – Keep containers closed.
Safty data sheet avaiiable for professional users on request.

Conditions of supply

All goods supplied by us are of the highest quality and we believe them to be suitable but, as we cannot exercise control over their storage, handling, mixing or use, or the weather conditionsbefore, during and after application which may affect the performance of the goods, all conditions and warranties, statutory or otherwise, as to the quality or fitness for any purpose of our goods are excluded and no responsibility will be accepted by us or our re-sellers for any failure in performance, damage or injury whatsoever arising from their storage, handling, application or use. These conditions cannot be varied by our staff or agents whether or not they supervise or assist in the use of such goods.

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